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Crowne Plaza Terigal

Dear Peter,

At Crowne Plaza Terrigal we have been using Spa.Giene for over a year. We use it every day on our Spa Bath rooms and are extremely pleased with the results.
Spa.Giene removes all body fats and grease build up from the Spa jets quickly and efficiently which normal rinsing of a bath would not do.

I have no hesitation in recommending Spa.Giene to any potential clients

Yours faithfully

Adelind Chen
Executive Housekeeper

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Crown Towers Melbourne

I am happy to recommend Spa.Giene for Spa cleaning. We currently use this product in our Spa Baths in the guest rooms, villas and pamper rooms.
Spa.Giene has virtually no odour and is effective in cold water. So as well as being cost efficient it is also safe to use.
I have used this product in other 5 star hotels that I have been associated with and continue to use it here at Crown.


Marissa Dowling
Executive Housekeeper
Crown Towers

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Carlton Crest Melbourne

At the Carlton Crest Hotel we have been hygienically cleaning the Spas on every checkout for the past 12 months.

It takes only 5 minutes to flush the Spas, which the room attendants perform as part of their daily duties. Upon completion of the task - a tag informing the guests that the Spa has been hygienically cleaned is placed on the tap.

As there is an increase in peoples awareness of diseases that can be contracted by using public Spas I strongly recommend all hotels and motels to utilize this product on a regular basis.

Prakash Singh
Executive Housekeeper

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Country Comfort Lennons Hotel Brisbane

Dear Peter,

This is to certify that Mr Peter Harman is supplying "Spa.Giene" Spa cleaning chemical to Country Comfort Lennons Hotel.
Spa.Giene is effective in cold water and almost odourless. It removes body fats and dead skin from the Spa pumps - an area which cannot be accessed by traditional cleaning methods.
I would have no hesitation in recommending it to other users.


Rhonda Bowman
Executive Housekeeper
Country Comfort Lennons Hotel

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Rydges Melbourne

Dear Peter,

Rydges Melbourne use "SpaGiene" and are extremely happy with the results it achieves. We use it on a regular basis. It is easy to use and has virtually no odour.

By using Spa.Giene our Spas are cleaned in five to ten minutes.

I would have no hesitation in recommending it to other users.
It is wonderful.

Ann Rodda
Executive Housekeeper
Rydges Melbourne

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Best Western Ambassador Motor Inn Wagga

Dear Peter,

We have been using your product Spa.Giene in our Motel for eight months.

Recently we had a Health Inspector from Wagga City Council do an inspection on the Spa Baths.

We are pleased to inform you that we passed with "flying colours", in fact the Inspectors exact words were "the Spa Baths are absolutely spot on."
On departing our premises the Inspector asked for the name and address of the chemical supplier, so he could recommend it to properties who may be experiencing problems.

We are extremely happy with your product. Keep up the good work.

Fay Smith

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Victorian Health Department

Dear Sir,

I refer to your enquiry on 9th December 1999 about the performance of Spa.Giene.

Spa.Giene was tested by a Departmental Office on 26 July 1998 in a Spa Bath in accordance with the labeled directions for use. This Spa Bath had been installed six months earlier at an accommodation complex.

As a result of that test, it was observed that the product effectively removed fats and grease from the Spa Bath pipe and jet system which had not otherwise been removed with re circulating warm water alone.

Given the above observation, it is considered that Spa.Giene is suitable for the purpose of cleaning Spa Baths.

Yours faithfully

Bernard Zwolak
Manager, Monitoring & Compliance
Environmental Health Unit

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Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services

Dear Sir,

Spa.Giene cleaning product for Spa Baths.

Further to the recent correspondence relating to the above, I wish to advise that Officers from the Public and Environmental Health Branch have trialed the sample provided, and assessed the products supporting documentation.

Product Test
The product was tested in a domestic Spa Bath in accordance with the labeled directions for use.
The assessing Officer noted that the product appeared to efficiently remove fats and grease from the test Spas pipe and jet system.

Active Ingredient
The products active ingredient (neutral PH quaternary ammonia), is a recognised sanitising agent.

Given the above observations, the Department of Health and Human Services considers the product in question as suitable for the purposes of enhancing general Spa hygiene management practices.

Yours faithfully

Dr Mark Jacobs
Director of Public and Environmental Health

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Bendigo Health Care Group

Re: Spa.Giene

We have been using Spa.Giene to clean the Spa Bath in our Maternity Unit for the past eighteen months. Prior to using the product our cleaning regime of the Spa Bath was not optimal. On first using the product it became obvious that prior cleaning had not been sufficient as much built up soil from the Spa jets was removed by Spa.Giene.

The Spa Bath has been microbiologically tested by the Department of Human Services last year with very good results obtained. Our cleaning staff on the Maternity Unit are very happy with the product.
From an infection control point of view I am satisfied that it provides a microbiologically safe environment for our patients and ensures that the Spa Bath is safe to use.

Yours Sincerely

Jane Hellsten
R.N. I.D. Cert., B.App.SC.(Adv.Nsg), M.Ed.Stud
Infection Control Nurse Consultant

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RSL Care - War Veterans' Homes

Dear Peter,

Re: Spa.Giene Success

I am writing to congratulate you on the Spa.Giene product. When you first discussed this product with me and asked to give us a demonstration on the Nursing Home Spa Bath, I thought it would be a waste of time and almost refused. Well I'm glad I didn't because what I saw with the demonstration convinced me that this product was way overdue in the aged care environment.
The Spa Bath had been in use in the home for several years and Spa.Giene was probably the first product to totally clean the bath, I mean even the bits you don't see inside the pipes and pump.

Spa.Giene cleaned the Spa so well even I would get in the tub. I think that is the ultimate test of confidence in a product! Since that first demonstration I have introduced Spa.Giene into several other aged care facilities with the same excellent results. Staff can be confidant that our cleaning processes are first class with this product and this means a higher use of the Spa Bath in our facility by the residents.

We are yet to test the other recommended cleaning application for Spa.Giene you recently advised of but I am confidant these will be of the same high standard as well.

Congratulations on providing us a great product and support. I'm glad that I didn't just say NO to that first demonstration.

Yours sincerely,

Greg Little
Lifestyle Manager

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Kevin Nagle Hygiene Management

Dear Peter,

We have had several requests from our clients to test the water in their spas and hydrotherapy pools for bacteria. When developing our test method we looked at a number of possible test methods and found that most testing agencies such as local councils, chemical and equipment suppliers etc, swab the surface of the baths when looking for possible contamination. We consulted with colleagues who specialise in microbiology and believe this method to be unsuitable for determining whether a spa bath is contaminated.

The reason for this is because the surface and surrounds of a spa can be easily contaminated by environmental influences, by cleaning processes, by the user of the spa, and by the flora of the person taking the test. In many cases a false report will occur due to the swab picking up this bacteria and the blame being attributed to the water being reticulated through the pumping system, which gives the testing agency the false impression that the spa pump and piping is contaminated.

A rigorous test of the reticulated water in the spa is the only possible way to gain a true indication of whether or not the spa pumping system is contaminated. For this reason we prefer to use the Colilert product, which is one of the worlds leading testing procedures, used in most of the major laboratories in the USA and Australia. Colilert™ (manufactured by Idexx Laboratories) is a very sensitive test and detects minute amounts of E.coli and other coliforms. Colilert™ is not a quantitative test but rather an indicator test and was invented to determine if the water tested is clean enough for human consumption.

As you are aware, E. coli is faecal bacteria found mainly in the anal area but is often found on many other parts of the body depending on a person’s hygiene. After a person has used a spa or a bath, they will have a very fine layer of E. coli bacteria over their body, which by the way is not harmful to a normal healthy person, even if it does sound rather repulsive. Colilert™ is sensitive enough to pick up one microorganism of E.Coli.

We have tested many spa baths that use your product for disinfection. We are happy to report that we have not had one positive test for E.coli from these baths after they have been cleaned with Spa.giene products. The sensitivity of the Colilert™ product is completely reliable and this result gives our clients assurance that your product is working as specified. As specialists in the area of hygiene management we have complete confidence in recommending your products to our clients.

Kind regards,

Kevin Nagle
General Manager

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