At HY.GIENE Australia we are committed to helping you:

Continuously improve the operational safety, quality and efficiency of you operation.

Ensure the most hygienic conditions possible for your clients, patients and staff.

Maintain your compliance.

To this end, we have had SPA.GIENE thoroughly tested and certified for use in spa baths and pools and as a “spray and wipe” surface cleaner.

Independent laboratory testing has proven the effectiveness of SPA.GIENE in the elimination of harmful bacteria commonly found in spa baths and pools.

Below you will find copies of laboratory certificates, Therapeutic Goods Registration, testimonials from Kevin Nagle Hygiene and Moorfields and our Material Safety Data Sheet for SPA.GIENE.
These are available for download in (PDF Format).

TGA Registration

Spa.Giene MSDS 2007

Spa.Giene EML

Spa.Giene Spray and Wipe

Spa.Giene Risk Assessment Form

Moorfield Report

Kevin Nagle Letter