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Pseudomonas Aeroginosa the major concern for Aged Care facilities worldwide!

Aged care facilities are coming under increasing scrutiny for policy, procedures and certification for infection control. A major area of risk is in hydrotherapy spa baths. The risks are so dangerous that the Department of Human Services in Australia has established guidelines for the cleaning of baths.

The problem

Spa baths circulate water through pipes with the assistance of a pump and a booster heater. Unlike swimming pools or spa pools, spa baths do not have a filter so dirt and grime remains within the piping system. Body fats, soap residue and other products such as aromatherapy oils become deposited on the insides of the piping system and quickly become a haven for bacteria such as Pseudomonas and Staphlycoccus, regularly associated with ear, eye, hair follicle and wound infections. Circulating the water by itself does not remove this material. A degreasing solution must be used to remove these fats and oils.

The solution

The SPA.GIENE Total Clean System is a wide spectrum antimicrobial product, designed to effectively and hygienically clean the entire surface, pipes, jets and pump system of spa baths, hydrotherapy spa baths, auto dishwashers and washing machines. SPA.GIENE works by breaking down and dislodging body fats, hair, organic matter and biological waste from the pump system. SPA.GIENE is NATA certified to kill the dangerous bacteria Pseudomonas Aeroginosa, Acinetobacter Anitratus and Bacillus, all commonly harboured in the pipes, jets and pump system of spa baths and all easily transferred from one patient to another if appropriate hygiene procedures are not adopted. SPA.GIENE is chlorine-free, non-toxic, non-dangerous, biodegradable and available for commercial and domestic use.

Don’t risk the health and wellbeing of your patients and staff

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SPA.GIENE - The total clean for hydrotherapy spa baths and ALL washable surfaces

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