Q) When body fat/foreign matter etc is drawn out from the pipes and pump of a spa, is this classed as dead, active or sterile?
A) This is classed as biomass or organic material. It is typically relatively high in microbial loading. So, yes it is active and is a risk to the health of users.

Q )If housemaids or consumers touch it/ drink it/ etc will they/can they catch diseases, if it gets into their system?
A) The biomass is high in microbial loading and part of this could potentially be human pathogens (Staph, E.coli etc). Obviously it is not something to ingest but you are not likely to catch diseases from just touching or being in proximity to this biomass. However after touching this biomass, one should thoroughly wash their hands, especially prior to handling food.

Q) Is 5 minutes of treatment long enough to clean my whole spa bath?
A) Yes, 5 minutes in cold water is enough time for SPA.GIENE to hygienically clean the pipes, pump and jets of your spa bath. After rinsing the bath down, and wiping the bath surface, your bath will be left in a ‘pristine’ condition.

Q) Do I need more than 50mls SPA.GIENE to clean my spa bath?
A) The correct dosage rate is 50ml SPA.GIENE to every 200lt of water. You can refer to the bath manufacturer’s water capacity (to the level of the jets) to establish the dosage rate appropriate for your particular spa.

Q) Where else can I use SPA.GIENE?
A) You can use SPA.GIENE on any washable surface. It is the most effective spa pool degreaser, great for deodorising smelly auto dishwashers and washing machines, and is great as a multi purpose cleaner.


Rita Moyes PhD Microbiology
“It should be obvious that the presence of these micro-organisms illustrate the potential health risk the bather exposes themselves to upon each entry into the tub”. “Any pipe system will propagate harmful microbes which can and do cause sickness and death in humans.” “Due to the presence of pathogenic and potentially pathogenic organisms, education of the public on the hazards of using piped whirlpool bathtubs should become a priority."

Capital Health Authority USA
“[Capital Health Authority] has conducted field trials on Quaternary ammonium compounds, Bleach and virox and the only chemical we have found which effectively reduced pathogenic bacteria in individual hydrotherapy tubs is Quaternary ammonium compounds.”

Victorian Health Department
“Degrease your spa regularly so that your clients can be assured that their use of the spa is an enjoyable and hygienic experience. Suggested intervals between degreasing are between each client or after each room stay.”

Kevin Nagle Hygiene Management
“We have tested many spa baths that use your SPA.GIENE product for disinfection. We are happy to report that we have not had one positive test for E.coli from these baths after they have been cleaned with SPA.GIENE.”