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Spa cleaning is an absolute necessity if you are to maintain a hygenic, safe spa bath. A dirty spa bath has the potential to become a major health risk as it becomes a haven for all kinds of bacterial agents, including the highly infectious Pseudomonas Aeruginosa.

It is essential that a Spa Bath Flush Cleaner is used to effectively break down and dislodge body fats, hair, bacterial growth, bio-film and micro organisms that build
up in the pump, pipes and jets in spa baths.

Spa Cleaner - Spa.GieneSPA.GIENE is a product created specifically for use in spa baths. SPA.GIENE is far more effective than other products in the market at dislodging the biological material that congeals in the inner workings of your spa.

Additionally SPA.GIENE has excellent antimicrobial properties and independent test results have proven SPA.GIENE to have particularly potent activity against
potential pathogenic microorganisms such as Pseudomonas, Acinetobacter
and Bacillus species.

SPA.GIENE is an easy one-step spa cleaning system, that totally cleans and disinfects the entire spa bath system.

Disinfectants, bleaches and alkaline degreasers which are cheaper in price, do not effectively eliminate and prevent the harborage of bacteria such as Pseudomonas and/or Staphylococcus which can be associated with ear, eye, and hair follicle and wound infections.

The unique properties that make up the SPA.GIENE product produce a sanitizing action so that the pipes remain hygienically clean until the bath is used again.
SPA.GIENE is a high quality Australian made product far more effective in use than
alternative products, these being hospital grade disinfectants, bleaches, alkaline degreasers and others.

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